The Tour Guide presents a selection of the best 15 Pavilions of the Milan Expo 2015. This report appeared in A10 magazine Issue 64, July/August 2015.


A universal exposition oscillates between being a huge playground and a meaningful occasion to experience the new. From the outset, the goal of this Expo’s masterplan was to avoid the “Architectural Olympiad”. In fact, the initial design, conceived by Stefano Boeri, Richard Burdett, Jacques Herzog, as a cultivated international garden, has been lost in the construction process. What happened is clear: expectations collide with reality. Perhaps the first design was too ambitious and utopian even if fascinating. But it is undeniable that an international fair like this could not exist without investors and sponsors with their own commercial aims. Finding a balance between cultural and commercial statements is challenging and a crucial topic that has been positively addressed in Milan: theExpo is an example of good compromise.

Selected Pavilions are: Israel, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Poland, France, China, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Palazzo Italia, Chile, Japan, Future Food Distric.